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Thank you for visiting my website.

A few of my thoughts about life, love, and music:-

Shakespeare wrote “… music is the food of love…” to many, including myself it’s a lot more; it’s a means to communicate every imaginable sentiment of life – It can be joyful or very sad.  It is a language without words and thus without borders; it is universal yet very personal.  It’s entertainment because it touches the soul.

Written music is the interpretation of a composer’s soul, thus it is restrictive.

The simple folk around the world communicate from soul to soul by the use of spontaneous improvisation which exposes their soul – that’s what Jazz is all about!

It is only since the beginning of the 20th century that jazz started gaining it’s rightfull place in the world of culture.


When musicians play in public, harmony amongst all who play and hear the music makes the sounds meaningful and great.

Since I can remember I have tried to share my feelings with my fellow musicians as well as the audience.  Hopefully this comes across in the music you have heard me and my friends play and thus you were able to share some of the excitement and joy I feel when I am playing.

Your thoughts would be very much appreciated so do feel free to send me an e-mail with comments and/or questions.


Again thank you and God bless you.

David Hodek